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Cary airport industry 2015 course table

Cary airport industry in 2015 training courses to help leading the development of the airport

Whether it is counseling or training......

Is a kind of communication and sharing!

More than ten years, Cary committed to changing the airport's future!

In 2015, we established the airport early course table!

The training course is the carrier for the essence of research and industry integration case where!

Cary look, 2015 with you again!

Course category

Course name and class

Number of days

Strategy and executive courses

Current situation and development trend of civil aviation industry (2015 Edition)

1-2 day

Development status and business model of low cost aviation

1 days

Strategic and business model innovation

2-3 day

Enterprise culture: let the enterprise have life

1-2 day

Airport industry planning

1-2 day

Action learning task guidance

4 days

Fifth, in the management of senior managers

2-3 day

Communication and emotional stress management

2 days

Human resource course

Performance appraisal and performance interview skills

2 days

Job description writing and job evaluation

1-2 day

Airport scheduling optimization and personnel allocation

2 days

Terminal building business and service course

Terminal building electricity suppliers planning and business performance improvement

1-2 day

Service brand building and service process optimization

1-2 day

The basic value of services to enhance the key moment of the crew

2 days

The key moment of the security staff to upgrade the basic service

2 days

Airport shift leader service training

2 days

Registration hotline: 0592-6307028

If you have other questions, please contact: 400-886-9860 cary!